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Association of Xerophthalmia

Xerophthalmia is extreme dryness and thickening of the conjunctiva, often resulting from a deficiency of vitamin A. Reported incidence of xerophthalmia is rapidly increasing.

Xerophthalmia can be associated with systemic diseases such as:

  1. Sjögren' s syndrome
  2. Systemic lupus erythematosus 
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Amyloidosis
  5. Scleroderma
  6. Sarcoidosis 
  7. Hypothyroidism; 
  8. And deficiency of vitamin A. 

    Xerophthalmia results from inadequate function of the lacrimal glands which produce tears. When xerophthalmia is due to vitamin A deficiency, the condition begins with night blindness and conjunctival xerosis (dryness of the eye membranes) and progresses to corneal xerosis (dryness of the cornea), and, in the late stages, to keratomalacia (softening of the cornea). Vitamin A deficiency (with xerophthalmia) is associated with malnutrition and diahrrea and is the major cause of blindness in children.

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