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Amniotic band sequence

Amniotic band sequence is a disruption sequence with a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations (The frequency is comprised between 1/1200 to 1/15 000 births) it is ranging from partial amputations to major craniofacial and limb-body wall defects.

This amniotic bands are the result of adhesions between the amnion and embryonic or fetal parts. Their . Amniotic bands cause masive malformations with limb amputations, sever abdominal or cranial wall defects. Two different theories have been proposed: constrictive amniotic bands secondary to early amnion rupture, and vascular disruption events.

The anomalies are characteristically asymmetrical and usually prediposed by:
- familial predisposition
- amniocentesis

- short umbilical cord
- early amnion rupture-oligohydramnios disruption (EAROD)
- amniotic deformity-adhesion mutilation (ADAM)

EX: limb anomalies

  •  intrauterine amputations
  •  limb constriction rings
  •  pseudosyndactyly
  •  club feet
  •  abnormal dermatoglyphs
This term infant was born with foot and finger anomalies resulting from amniotic bands.

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