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How is difficult to diagnose Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a common chronic pain disorder that causes severe fatigue that does not improve with rest. Chronic fatigue syndrome tends to get worse after exercise or mental activity. Severe or untreated chronic fatigue syndrome can lead to serious disruptions of work, school, relationships, and social activities. Chronic fatigue syndrome can also result in disability and severely impact a person's quality of life.

the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are not known . One theory is that it develops out of a combination of factors, such as viral infection, stress, and exposure to toxins. Chronic fatigue syndrome can run in families, so genetic factors may increase the risk of developing the disorder. The prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome is higher among adults 30–39 years old than among those over 60 and women > men.

There is no specific test to detect,it is difficult to diagnosed.Diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome requires running many tests to rule-out other diseases and disorders that have similar symptoms. Making a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome includes performing a complete evaluation that includes a medical history, including symptoms, and physical examination.

How is difficult to diagnose Chronic fatigue syndrome

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