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Raccoon eyes ,a sign for basal skull fracture

Raccoon Eyes. Ecchymosis in the periorbital area, resulting from bleeding from a fracture site in the anterior portion of the skull base. This finding may also be caused by facial fractures.

Raccoon eyes is also known in the UK as panda eyes or periorbital ecchymosis that is a sign of basal skull fracture or a craniotomy that ruptured the meninges.And not due to facial soft-tissue trauma.
It is from bilateral subconjunctival hemorrhage, and occurs when damage at the time of fracture tears the meninges and causes the venous sinuses to bleed into the arachnoid villi and the cranial sinuses.It developes 2-3 days after a closed head injury that results in a basilar skull fracture.

Note :Somtimes Raccoon eyes are accompanied by Battle's sign (HERE)

The name of Raccoon eyes is due to dark purple discoloration forming around the eyes, giving an appearance similar to that of a raccoon or panda.

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