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MNEMONIC for Features of Potter syndrome

MNEMONIC for Features of Potter syndrome
All the features can be collected in the name of disease:
Potter syndrome: features POTTER:
  • Pulmonary hypoplasia
  • Oligohydrominios
  • Twisted skin (wrinkly skin)
  • Twisted face (Potter facies)
  • Extremities defects
  • Renal agenesis (bilateral)

Potter syndrome refers to the typical physical appearance and associated pulmonary hypoplasia of a neonate as a direct result of oligohydramnios (lack of amniotic fluid and kidney failure )and compression while in utero.

Potter phenotype refers to a typical facial appearance that occurs in a newborn when there is no amniotic fluid. The lack of amniotic fluid is called oligohydramnios. Without amniotic fluid, the infant is not cushioned from the walls of the uterus. The pressure of the uterine wall leads to an unusual facial appearance, including widely separated eyes .

Potter phenotype may also lead to abnormal limbs, or limbs that are held in abnormal positions or contracturescontractures.
Oligohydramnios also stops development of the lungs, so the lungs do not work properly at birth.

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