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Epidural hematoma in CT

 Epidural hemoatomas (EDH) are almost always preceded by head trauma (as child hit in the side of head with football.And may have a "lucid interval" where he looks okay).

Epidural hemoatoma has a higher mortality than a subdural, because obviously this is an ARTERY. And so will be under high pressure- forming that "biconcave" appearence on CT.
The most common site of EDH is the temporoparietal region, where the middle meningeal arteryis lacerated.

CT Findings:
* Typical appearance is a biconvex, elliptical, extra-axial fluid collections.
* Acute EDH may contain both a hyperattenuating clot and a swirling lucency (believed to represent a mixture of active bleeding and the serum remaining after previous clot formation).
* Subacute EDH becomes homogeneously hyperattenuating.
* Chronic EDH is at least partly hypoattenuating as the clot undergoes breakdown and resorption.

Epidural hematoma in CT

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