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About Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy involves :

  • A) repetition of negative thoughts that eventually dissipate
  • B) changing a thought that involves a situation that leads to a change of mood, behavior, or reaction
  • C) repeated acts of fearful situations that allow adaptation
  • D) negative reinforcement of harmful activities
  • E) none of the above

The answer is  : (B).
Cognitive therapy is a psychological treatment method that helps patients correct false self-beliefs that contribute to certain moods and behaviors. The basic principle behind cognitive therapy is that a thought precedes a mood, and that both are interrelated with a person's environment, physical reaction, and subsequent behavior.
Therefore, changing a thought that arises in a given situation changes mood, behavior, and physical reaction. Although it is unclear who benefits most from cognitive therapy, motivated patients who have an internal center of control and the capacity for introspection likely would benefit most.

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