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Skin Tension Lines and how to get it

 Skin Tension Lines (STLs) are series of lines based on the direction of tension as this relaxed skin tension lines run perpendicular to the underlying muscles contraction.
For best results and aesthetic outcome, place skin incisions along skin tension lines. Skin tension lines run parallel to the dermal collagen bundles but at right-angles to the direction of contraction of the muscles underneath it offers:
  1.  Best cosmetic result
  2.  Most narrow and strongest scar line

 You can find Skin Tension Lines (STLs) by asking the patient to contract his or her facial muscles, use oblique lighting, or pinch the skin. So, STLs have some individual variations based on the underlying muscles of facial expression.
Muscles of facial expression.

Generally, the lines are more discernible in older patients and more obscure in younger patients.
Skin tension lines. Illustrated by Charles Norman.

Note: It is prefered to mark skin tension lines prior to surgery as local anesthetic injection and tissue excision may alter them.

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