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Elbow ossification centers mnemonic in a child


  • C: Capitellum

  • R: Radial head

  • I: Internal (medial) epicondyle

  • T: Trochlea

  • O: Olecranon

  • E: External (lateral) epicondyle

* CRITOE is the order in which the ossification centers of the elbow appear.

Note that:- Ossification centers may be mistaken for fractures on x-ray.
If you see only three accessory bony fragments about an elbow joint, these bony pieces should be in the areas of the capitellum, radial head and the internal (medial) epicondyle. If one of the three bony fragments is in the area where you would expect to see the external epicondyle, then that piece actuallyrepresents an avulsion fracture of the distal, lateral humerus, rather than a normal external epicondyle.

* General rule of thumb for the time of appearance of the ossification centers is "1-3-5-7-9-11," which are the ages in years that the ossification centers appear, corresponding to the CRITOE.

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