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Cardiac Pacemaker

It is represents External Energy Sources Used To Stimulate The Heart Primarily In Patients With Symptomatic Heart Blocks And Bradyarrhythmias.

 Indication :
* Selection Of The Appropriate Pacemaker And Pacing Mode Depends On The Clinical Condition And The Type Of Bradyarrhythmia Being Treated
* Temporary Pacing :
  • For Symptomatic Bradicardia Due To Temporary Condition, Or As A Bridge To Permanent Pacer Placement
* Permanent Pacing : 
  • Symptomatic Bradycardia Due To : SA Nodal Dysfunction, Irreversible 2nd Or 3rd Degree AV Block
  • Recurrent Syncope Due To Carotid Sinus Hypersensitivity
* Physiologic Pacemakers (Rate Modulating) Are Essential When :
  • Chronotropic Incompetence Is Present
  • An Increase In Heart Rate Is Required To Enchance Physiologic Performance

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