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Brain herniation refers to displacement of a portion of the brain from its normal position through openings in the inelastic dura secondary to focal or diffuse intracranial pressure. Recognition of the CT signs of brain herniation on the emergent head CT is critical to proper patient management. The types of brain herniations are schematically illustrated...":a) " Subfalcial (cingulate) herniation ; b) uncal herniation ; c) downward (central, transtentorial) herniation ; d) external herniation ; e) tonsillar herniation.Types a, b, & e are usually caused by focal, ipsilateral space occupying lesions, ie., tumor or axial or extra-axial hemorrhage."

"Schematic representation of various herniation pathways (1) subfalcine, (2) uncal (Transtentorial), (3) cerebellar, and (4) transcalvarium)

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