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Anatomical parts of Gingiva

The image above shows the actual anatomy of the gingiva, known commonly as the "gums". The lighter pink colored gum tissue is called the "attached gingiva" because it is firmly attached to the underlying bone. It has the same consistency as the gums overlying the hard palate . The darker pink tissue above it is called the unattached gingiva also called the Alveolar Mucosa. It is not firmly attached to the underlying bone.
The junction between them is called the mucogingival junction. The small margin of tissue outlined in yellow on the lower diagram is called the free or marginal gingiva (sometimes called the free gingival margin), and it is the unattached, sleevelike portion of the gingiva that encircles the tooth to form the gingival sulcus.

The Vermillion border is the junction of the dry, pink part of the lip with the skin of the face. The labial (lip) vestibule is marked on the diagram. The Upper Labial Frenum is also visible.

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