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Blood and nerve supply of a Synovial joint

The blood supply of a synovial joint is derived from the arteries sharing in the anastomosis around the joint.And the nerve supply of a synovial joint is derived from the muscles which act on the joint ,best expressed by Hilton in 1863:
"The same trunks of nerves, whose branches supply the groups of muscles moving a joint, furnish also a distribution of nerves to the skin over the insertions of the same muscles; and what at this moment more especially merits our attention-the interior of the joint receives its nerves from the same source."

proprioceptive fibers endings in the capsule and ligaments are very sensitive to position and movement. Their central connections are such that they are concerned with the reflex control of posture and locomotion and the detection of position and movement.

The blood and nerve supply of a synovial joint. This diagram shows the artery supplying the epiphysis, joint capsule, and synovial membrane. The nerve that contains (1) sensory (mostly pain) fibers from the capsule and synovial membrane, (2) autonomic (postganglionic sympathetic) fibers to blood vessels, (3) sensory (pain) fibers from the adventitia of blood vessels, and (4) proprioceptive fibers. 
N.B.Arrowheads indicate direction of conduction.

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