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ALCOHOL as Teratogen :Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

In many countries alcohol is the Most common teratogen.And the severity of spectrum of effects in the neonate correlates with the amount of alcohol consumed , ranging from mild reduction in cerebral function to classic fetal alcohol syndrome .

Facial features of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
* Microcephaly - leads to small head circumference
* Palpebral fissure - short opening of eye
* Epicanthal folds - fold of skin at inside of corner of eye
* Midface - flat
* Nasal Bridge - low
* Philtrum - Indistinct, vertical grooves between nose and mouth
* Upper Lip - thin
* Micrognathia - small jaw
* Ears - curve at top part of outer ear is underdeveloped and folded over parallel to curve beneath. Gives the appearance of a "railroad track"

It also associated with :
#Mild to severe mental retardation resulting in learning difficulties.
#Low birth weight and height that persists through early childhood.
#Abnormalities of the heart and other organs.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Notice the depressed nasal bridge, flat philtrum, long upper lip, and thin vermillion border.

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