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Photo description of Pterygium of the eye

Pterygium is a raised, wedge-shaped, non-cancerous growth of the conjunctiva onto the cornea, characterized by elastotic degeneration of and fibrovascular proliferation
Pterygium has a characteristic shape as it is triangular, with the base of the triangle located in the conjunctiva and the apex of the triangle encroaching onto the cornea.
With corneal involvement, even if arrested surgically, a pterygium can affect vision by warping the surface of the cornea and inducing astigmatism, and/or by actually growing over in front of the pupil and obstructing the entering light.

Triangular, thin, transparent conjunctival fold in the palpebral fissure. Its head is yellow, avascular and pints toward the corneal center. The body of the pterygium extends to the semilunar fold(this image for a 32-year-old man).

Treatment :
Pterygia seem to occur more frequently in people who spent much time outside, and is especially common in the southern lattitudes "Some consider pterygium as an occupational disease" So protecting the eyes from sun, dust and wind and use of lubricating drops is the standard treatment.
If the pterygium is still troublesome it can be removed surgically under local anaesthetic ,with high rate of recurrence. Once the pterygium is removed, the bare sclera is covered with conjunctiva

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