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Indication and Technique of Buried Intradermal Sutures

Buried Intradermal Sutures technique is useful for wide, gaping wounds and when it is difficult to evert the skin edges. When buried intradermal sutures are placed properly, they make skin closure much easier. The purpose of this stitch is to line up the dermis and thus enhance healing.
It is termed buried as the knot needs to be as deep into the tissues as possible so that it does not come up through the epidermis and cause irritation and pain.

-By using a cutting needle and absorbable material Start just under the dermal layer and come out below the epidermis.
You are going from deep to more superficial tissues.

-Now the technique becomes a bit challenging. You need to enter the skin on the opposite side at a depth similar to where you exited the skin on the first side, just below the epidermis. To do so, you should position the needle with the tip pointing down and pronate your wrist to get the correct angle. It will help to use the forceps (in the other hand) to hold up the skin. The needle should come out of the tissues below the dermis. Try to get as little fat in the stitch as possible; it does not contribute to the suture.

-Finnaly Tie the suture.

Indication and Technique of Buried Intradermal Sutures

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