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Wound Closure by Surigical Staples

Staples are formed from high-quality stainless steel and are available in regular and wide sizes.

Staples are composed of:

(1) a cross-member that lays on the surface of the skin perpendicular to the wound,
(2) legs that are vertically placed in the skin
(3) tips that secure the staple parallel to the cross-member.

Staples are relatively easy to place and may shorten the closure time by 70-80%.

The primary utility of staples is in the closure of wounds under high tension on the trunk, extremities, and scalp.ON the other hand they are not used in delicate tissues or wounds in finely contoured areas, over bony prominences, or in highly mobile areas.

Advantages of staples include:
* rapid speed of closure
* a decreased risk of infection
* improved wound eversion
* minimal tissue reactivity.

Disadvantages include
* the need for a second operator to evert and reapproximate skin edges during staple placement
* greater risk of crosshatch marking
* less precise wound approximation.
* The cost is usually more than that of suture material.
Surgical staples used on a skin incision in groin after inguinal hernia operation.

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