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Images for Skin manifestations in hyperlipidemia

Xanthelasma in a 43-year-old patient with hyper-cholesterolemia.
-Severe hyperlipidemia, particularly primary forms of hyperlipidemia, can be associated with lipid deposits in the skin and in joints. However, a corneal arcus, an arcus lipoides, and xanthelasma may be present with normal cholesterol levels after the age of 40.

-Tendon xanthoma and palmar xanthoma occur in some of the primary dyslipoproteinemias.
Tendinous xanthomas are nodose, subcutaneous lesions attached to ligaments and tendons, particularly the Achilles tendon due to accumulations of lipid-laden macrophages (foam cells) in tendons.
The nodules may be yellowish, but are usually skin colored. They are often associated with other xanthomas, and indicate the presence of hypercholesterolemia or other lipid abnormality.

-Also Tubero-eruptive xanthoma that may itch and the lesions may be reddened due to inflammation and scratch effects.
 Eruptive xanthoma in hyperlipidemia.

Images for Skin manifestations in hyperlipidemia

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