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Algorithm for neonatal resuscitation

Though neonatal resuscitation shares the foundation concepts of airway, breathing, and circulation with adult and pediatric resuscitation, the neonatal algorithm incorporates other concepts central to the care of the newly born infant (e.g. thermal control), emphasizes the importance of establishing adequate lung expansion and ventilation, and dictates key variations in practice resulting from anatomic and developmental differences between neonatal and older pediatric patients.
The algorithm for neonatal resuscitation begins with rapid assessment and the initial steps of resuscitation, then continues through positive-pressure ventilation (including intubation), chest compressions, medications, and special considerations.

This figure shows The algorithm for neonatal resuscitation that begins with a rapid assessment of the infant and continues through the initial steps of resuscitation, positive-pressure ventilation, chest compressions, and medications. Endotracheal intubation may be considered at several steps during resuscitation.

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