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Answer this all MCQs

Answer each statement by true or false
1-The secretion of insulin is stimulated by:

a. adrenaline

b. somatostatin

c. fatty acids

d. acetylcholine

e. amino acids

2-The following are true about the autonomic nervous system:

a. the postganglionic neurones are largely unmyelinated

b. all preganglionic neurones are cholinergic

c. the preganglionic neurones of the sympathetic nervous system are
shorter than the parasympathetic nervous system

d. the parasympathetic outflow is only found in the cranial nerves

e. the sympathetic preganglionic neurones leave the spinal cord via
the dorsal roots of spinal nerves T1-L3

3-The following topical medications are contraindicated in iritis

a. pilocarpine

b. atropine

c. latanoprost

d. b-blockers

e. acetazolamide

THE RIGHT ANSWERS: in 16 April 10
1- a.F b.F c.T d.T e.T
Insuline secretion is stimulated by +blood
glucose,acetylcholine,aminoacids,fattyacids,glucagone & sulphoylurea.
It is inhibited by somatostatin, adrenaline

2- a.T b.T c.T d.F e.F
Parasympathetic outflow is also found in the sacral outflow(s2-4).
sympathetic oreganglionic neurones leave the spinal cord via the ventral roots of spinal nerves T1-L3.

3- a.T b.F c.T d.F e.F
Both pilocarbine& latanoprost can + occular inflamation.

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