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Video of Muscle-Splitting Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation usually is performed in subglandular, subfascial, or partial submuscular pockets, including the dual plane. A new pocket has been described and used by the author. Methods: From October 2005 to April 2008, 600 patients underwent bilateral breast augmentation using the new technique.
Soft cohesive gel micro-textured round implants (range 200- 500cc) were used. The initial pocket is made in the subglandular plane up to the lower level of the nipple areolar complex. The submuscular plane is reached by splitting the pectoralis major muscle at the level of middle and lower third of sternum.

The muscle is split along the direction of its fibers up and laterally to the anterior axillary fold. No pectoralis major is released from costal margin. The implant lies in this plane simultaneously behind and in front of the pectoralis major. Procedure is performed as a day case under general anesthetic with no drains.

: Postoperative analgesia requirements is reduced because of dissection in natural planes resulting in quick recovery. No muscle contraction associated deformities is seen. All patients had aesthetically natural cleavage, with the nipple at the most projected part of the breast with three-dimensional enhancement.
Conclusion: An adequate muscle cover of the prosthesis is achieved by muscle splitting breast augmentation technique and the procedure is used in all breast augmentations procedures

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