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2-D & 3-D Ultrasound images of normal fetal spine

Ultrasound images of normal anatomy and appearances of fetal spine:
*This 2-D, ultrasound image shows the sagittal section of the normal fetal spine in longitudinal section. (Image courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, UAE).

3-D Ultrasound images of normal fetal spine:

*Sonography of fetal spine using 3-D/ 4-D ultrasound reveals greater detail of the fetal spine in 3-Dimensions. Ultrasound visualizes the ossified part of the fetal spine. The 3 main ossification centers in the fetal vertebrae are:
a) the centrum b) the right neural process and c) the left neural process.

The centrum forms the central part of the vertebral body. The postero-lateral parts of the vertebrae are formed by the right and left neural processes. (These 3-D ultrasound images are courtesy of Dr. PK Srivastava, India, and Dr. Ravi Kadasne, UAE).

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