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Scoliosis pic and how to detect

Scoliosis: Lateral curvature of the spine causes right shoulder area to appear somewhat higher than the left. Curvature is more pronounced on x-ray.

$-Scoliosis is not a disease,it is a descriptive term.It affects 2% of women and 0.5% of men in the general population. these deformities are caused by: abnormal development of bones and/or ligaments of spines or abnormal nervous control over spinal muscles , Infections as T.B. , Swelling and tumours within spinal canal,etc. It occurs either intrauterine or early/adolescent growth spurt.
So,there are -Idiopathic -Congenital -Neuromuscular -Adult or Degenerative Scoliosis.

How do detected?
May be noticed by mother,And in advanced stages the 2 shoulders being at different level"as in photo",waisting being assymetrical ,imbalance with sitting , feeling one lower limb being shorter, OR by simple test (Adam's Forward Bend Test):
ask patient to fold her/his hands and bending her/him self forward without bending the knee and from behind observe any asymetery bump on any side of midline. WATCH VIDEO

Indication for surgery:
The 2 main indications for surgery are curve progression and deterioration in sitting ability.WATCH VIDEO

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