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Traditional Chinese Medicine:Suggestions for Long Term Breast Health

# Eat as many fresh, lightly cooked vegetables as you wish. Go easy on spicy, sweet, or greasy foods

# Avoid overeating. This stagnates the stomach qi - the stomach channel irrigates the breast tissue. Stagnant qi in any form is bad for the breasts.

# Try to avoid becoming overweight. There is a known relationship between body fat, fat consumption, and breast cancer.

# Stay relaxed. Remember the "Serenity Prayer" or simply learn to know the difference between what you can and cannot change and control in your life and in the lives of those around you. Try to let go of what you cannot change and work at changing what you can.

# If you cannot relax, use relaxation tapes or meditation techniques to help you learn to do so. Stress, when not released or diffused by some method, is an enemy of breast health.

# Avoid caffeine in as many forms as you can. Stop eating chocolate except as a rare treat. Switch from coffee to black tea, or better yet, to green tea.

# If you can, get some form of exercise every day, or at least every other day. It burns fat
cells, reduces stress, increases energy, and improves self image.

# Eat meat sparingly. Use it in broths, soups, stews, and not necessarily every day. Don’t just eat chicken and fish; a variety of meats is better over the long term.

# Grains, well cooked and/or in the form of noodles, should be the foundation of any diet. Try eating something else instead of bread. Try cutting back to bread products only once per day.

# When you use oil, use olive oil. Studies show it to be a better option for breast health than other oils or fats.

#Breast massage and any form of self-massage is helpful in keeping qi and blood circulating. Learn a simple self-massage regime from a book or make one up for yourself.

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