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USMLE Pass Program Video Lectures (2010) - Pediatrics

About the PASS Program:

The PASS Program was created in 1988 and officially opened for business in the year 2000. This program is different from any other program in this country. It teaches integrated thinking so that a medical student can answer any question asked at any level. It does not, and should not, matter whether a student is taking the USMLE 1, USMLE 2, or USMLE3. The information that is covered in this program is so high yield and so highly integrated that it is relevant on all exams, even board certification exams. Because of this unique format, we have been able to help students achieve the highest pass rates, as well as the highest passing scores, on all of the USMLE exams.

The mission of the PASS PROGRAM:

The mission of the PASS PROGRAM is to inspire, encourage and empower medical students and physicians who enter our doors. We will not only teach them the basic medical sciences, but we will teach them how to clinically integrate their knowledge. In other words, we will encourage them not to merely memorizemedical information , but empower them to clearly and clinically master that knowledge. We will maintain a positive learning environment at all times so that no student will feel ashamed or be embarrassed of his or her academic situation. For, in the end, our true mission is to show other medical institutions that even when a student may not look so promising with a poor academic history, with the individualized teaching sessions we have with all of our students, most of them can be helped to develop into academically strong, spiritually empowered, and outstandingly confident clinical physicians. With God as our inspiration, this will always be our mission.

The clarity and simplication of the explanations of certain key concepts are second to none. You will understand and retain the specificities of the pathophysiology of the most high yield disease processes that you will be tested on. You will also be provided with test taking skills that will enable you to quickly recognize distractors and clues. Over 71 hours of Live lecture by Dr. Francis.


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