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Appearance of lye strictures in X-ray

-What is the most likely diagnosis in the patient shown below?

a. Esophageal varices
b. Esophageal carcinoma
c. Reflux esophagitis
d. Lye stricture
e. Fibrovascular polyp


There is very long segment of smoothly narrowed esophagus from just below the level of the clavicles to the EG junction. This appearance is characteristic of a stricture caused by the ingestion of a caustic material such as lye. Lye, which became component of some drain cleaners in the late ?60s, is so highly toxic that only a few drops can cause this full-thickness liquefaction necrosis of the esophagus. The acute ulcerative phase is invariably followed in several weeks by this fibrotic stage. There is a significantly higher incidence of carcinoma of the esophagus in patients with lye strictures than in the normal population.

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