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Some Occupational Lung Diseases and Their Causes

* Asbestosis, caused by exposure to asbestos particles. Often found among people who worked in shipyards, asbestos mines, and factories that refined or used asbestos to manufacture products.
* Black lung (Coalworker's pneumoconiosis) which affects coal workers
* Chronic Beryllium disease (CBD), which affects workers in a variety of metallurgical occupations
* Byssinosis (brown lung disease), often occurs in cotton and textile workers when bacteria released from cotton or other materials is inhaled and grows with the lungs. This is often associated with poor ventilation systems.
* Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, this can affect people who work in office buildings whose air-conditioning systems are contaminated by certain fungi and bacteria.
* Occupational asthma, can affect people who work with a variety of materials. This includes animals (dander), carbamates (urethanes), dyes, epoxy resins and enzymes used in detergent, leather goods, latex, and automotive paints
* Silicosis often developed by people who worked with clay, sand and stone dust including miners, stone cutters and sandblasters.

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