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Delirium Mnemonics

Here is a simple mnemonics for delirium: DELIRIUM(S)

D Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
E Eyes, ears
L Low O2 (MI, ARDS, PE, CHF, COPD) **
I Infection
R Retention (of urine or stool), Restraints
I Ictal
U Underhydration/Undernutrition
M Metabolic
(S) Subdural, Sleep deprivation

Delirium is one of the most hidden and deadly enemy in ICU. It increases mortality, it cost money and its hard to recognise.

**"Low O2 states" does NOT necessarily mean hypoxia, rather it is a reminder that patients with a hypoxic insult (e.g. Ml, stroke, PE) may present with mental status changes with or without other typical symptoms/signs of these diagnoses.

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