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Ephelides (freckles)

Ephelides (also called freckles) are tanned macules seen on the skin. Ephelides are usually multiple in number. Although ephelides are predominantly benign, they may be found in association with systemic disease. Ephelides are associated with fair skin and red or blonde hair. In contrast to solar lentigines, ephelides are not strongly related to age.

Freckle Dermatology The most common pigmented lesion of young light-skinned Caucasians, often of Celtic stock, consisting in light brown 1-10 mm macules which fade in winter, and are accentuated in summer.

Clinically : Ephelides appear during childhood as scattered areas of increased pigmentation, mainly limited to the body regions above the waist.
* These macules are asymptomatic, more numerous on sun-exposed areas, and fade and become smaller in the winter.

On examination, Simple ephelides appear as multiple, small, tanned macules, ranging from 1-5 mm in diameter, with uniform pigmentation. They are most commonly found on sun-exposed areas, such as the nose, the cheeks, the shoulders, and the upper part of the back. The macules may be discrete or confluent.
* Sunburn freckles present similarly to that of simple freckles, but they are darker, have irregular borders, and may be as large as a few centimeters.

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