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Ambulation Algorithm

1. Non-weight bearing: Patient is unable to bear weight through both lower extremities or weight-bearing through both lower extremities is contraindicated.

Partial weight bearing: This will include situations where the patient may be allowed: a) Limited weight bearing on one lower extremity and full weight bearing on the other extremity; b) Partial weight bearing through both lower extremities.

Safety risks may include: decreased cognition; decreased ability to cooperate/ combativeness; medical stability.

Factors that contribute to low safety risk: a) Lack of combativeness; b) Ability to follow commands; c) Medical stability; d) Experience with the assistive device.

Factors that contribute to high safety risk: a) Combativeness; b) Lack of ability to follow commands; c) Medical instability; d) Lack of experience with
the assistive device, e) neurological deficits.

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