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Major non-antibiotics Teratogenic drugs

Before that we will talk about some principles, first adapted by James Wilson, highlight the nature of teratogens:

Principle 1: Susceptibility to teratogenesis depends on the genotype of the embryo

Principle 2: Susceptibility to a teratogenic agent depends on the developmental stage when the exposure occurs

Principle 3: Different teratogenic agents effect developing cells and tissues in various ways

Principle 4: The final manifestations of abnormal development are death, malformation, growth retardation, and functional disorder

Principle 5: The nature of the detrimental environmental agent impacts its access to the fetus.

Principle 6: As dosage increases the manifestations of abnormal development increase in degree from the no-effect to the lethal level

TAP CAP : Is the word that collct some of the most Major non-antibiotics Teratogenic drugs

Thalidomide Androgens Progestins Corticosteroids Aspirin & indomethacin Phenytoin

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