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Effects of Some drugs on teeth

Hypertrophied gums are most likely the result of which of the following?

  • a.Hutchinson’s teeth
  • b.Tetracycline administration
  • c.Administration of diphenylhydantoin
  • d.Overdose of fluoride
  • e.Lead poisoning
  • f.Bulimia

The answer is ( C ).
Use of the anticonvulsant diphenylhydantoin, or of the calcium channel blocker nifedipine, may cause fibrous hyperplasia of the gingiva, leading to hypertrophied gums.

Tetracycline given to children or pregnant women causes
enamel hypoplasia and discoloration of the teeth. Ingestion of large amounts of fluoride may cause mottling of the tooth enamel. Lead poisoning causes the formation of a black “lead line” in the gums.
Hutchinson’s teeth are the congenital notched teeth of syphilis. Bulimia causes erosion of
the enamel on the surfaces of the teeth due to frequent gastric acid exposure.

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