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Answer every statement by true or false

1-The intraocular pressure:

a. is at its peak usually at around mid-day
b. is at its lowest in the evening
c. is higher in winter than in summer
d. shows greater diurnal variation in the glaucomatous eyes than the healthy
e. is higher in patients with thicker cornea when measured with applanation

2- Which is true about the viruses:

a. they contain either RNA or DNA nuclei acids only
b. HIV virus is a DNA virus
c. cytomegalovirus is a DNA virus
d. all herpes viruses are sensitive to acyclovir
e. viral replication within the host cells is inhibited by interferons

3- The sphenoid bone transmits the following structures:

a. middle meningeal artery
b. mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve
c. optic nerve
d. internal carotid artery
e. nasociliary artery

THE RIGHT ANSWER : in 7 April 10

1* a.T b.F c.T d.T e.T

The IOP is highest at mid day and lowest in the morning at around 3:00 am
Thicker cornea gives a higher reading when the IOP measured by applanation tonometer

2* a.T b.F c.T d.F e.T


* contain nuclei acids which are either DNA or RNA
* HIV virus is a retrovirus and contains RNA
* cytomegalovirus is a herpes virus and contains DNA, it is not sensitive to
* induce interferon production which inhibits viral replication

3* a.T b.T c.T d.F e.F

the internal carotid artery grooves the body of sphenoid bone but doesn`t enter the cranium through it.
the nasociliary artery is a branch of the ophthalmic artery within the orbit.

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