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TREATMENT OF Ramsay Hunt syndrome

.Corticosteroids and oral acyclovir are commonly used
.Recently,combined therapy using corticosteroids plus intravenous acyclovir did not show benefit over corticosteroids alone in promoting facial nerve recovery after 6 months. However, randomized clinical trials evaluating both therapies are required.
.Vestibular suppressants may be helpful if vestibular symptoms are severe.
.As with Bell palsy, care must be taken to prevent corneal irritation and injury.
.Temporary relief of otalgia may be achieved by applying a local anesthetic or cocaine to the trigger point, if in the external auditory canal.
.Carbamazepine may be helpful, especially in cases of idiopathic geniculate neuralgia.

Surgical decompression of the facial nerve has no role in this syndrome.

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